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Aplicaciones Android con Ruby y Ruboto

Ruboto  es un framework para desarrollar aplicaciones Android nativas, utilizando el lenguaje de programación Ruby. Aquí dejo el video de una platica-tutorial que di en el BIT Center de Tijuana a los miembros del  Google Developers Group Tijuana .

Start Coding with Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented, dynamic and general purpose programming language, created by  Yukihiro Matsumoto . One of the greatest features of Ruby is its elegant syntax. It is simpler and more natural than other programming languages. This makes easier to understand the purpose of each line of code on a program, even if you have zero experience on the language. Ruby's web site has plenty of documentation and some tutorials. Here I point to some useful additional resources to start learning Ruby. Try Ruby Ruby Monk Ruby in 100 min After you have mastered Ruby's syntax or if you feel ready to defy yourself and test your learning, I suggest you to try the Ruby Warrior  Game.