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Heroic Web Applications with AngularJS

Have you been coding dynamic web applications and you still feel like struggling when need complex behaviour? Have you used BackboneJS, EmberJS or another MVC-like framework and still wonder what could be better? If your answer is: Yes!, then cry no more and meet your new friend: AngularJS. AngularJS is an Open Source and Client-side Javascript framework maintained by Google. Some of its main features are: MVCThe possibility to extend HTML with your own vocabulary for your application.Two-way data bindingServicesDirectives and reusable componentsTestable Now, I will explain how to code a sample application with Angular.
You need an HTTP server on your machine. You can use your favourite thing here (e.g. Apache Server, Ruby's WEBrick server or anything else).

For simplicity, I will just use Python because it is already included on Ubuntu. So, just do on your terminal:

This will start an HTTP server on your current directory. You should configure yo…