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Automating Android builds with Gradle

Gradle is a new build automation tool intended to replace older technologies such as Maven and Ant. With that purpose, Gradle can automate the building, testing and deployment process of your Java based applications. The Android project has already upgraded its building tools to use Gradle. Thus, you should really try this if you are developing Android applications. Moreover, if you are following the Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology, Gradle is a must.
Installing Gradle
First, make sure you have installed a Java JDK (Gradle requires JDK 1.5 or higher). Then, you need to download a distribution from the Gradle website (the current supported version is Gradle 1.6) and uncompress the file into your desired directory.
Afterwards, you have to configure the GRADLE_HOME environment variable on your path:
export GRADLE_HOME=/your_gradle_directory export PATH=$PATH:$GRADLE_HOME/bin source ~/.bashrc
Finally, you can check your working installation by running:
gradle -v
The output shows your …